Suspension Service

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Here at Find Your Line, we service a lot of suspension. Sometimes it can be difficult to go without your bike for a couple days, but it’s important to follow service intervals and prevent the need for costly repair. Most … Read More

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We do not represent any one particular brand of bicycle. This gives us the freedom to recommend the best products for your needs, without the requirement to market a certain brand. In the shop we stock a carefully curated selection … Read More

Carbon Frame Repair


We offer carbon frame repair for those times when you weren’t “just riding along.” Contact us about getting your frame repaired for much less than you would expect.   We offer functional and structurally sound frame repair that keeps you … Read More

About Our Suspension Service


Overall, we are willing to service any suspension component regardless of age or manufacturer. Some manufacturers have changed ownership over time, and some have very limited parts availability. We have numerous contacts in the industry to obtain NOS parts, and … Read More